Thursday, April 16, 2015

How To Shape Your Eyebrow

     I know many eyeballs are surely going to pop at the mention of this topic, it however has created nightmares in most people's heart and have resulted to leaving thier eyebrows thick and uneven, Funny enough most peopleRead also: Fantastic eye shadow technique actually cut down thier brows gross isn't it. As an analyst i have asked this question countless times than i can recollect and the answers i get are heartbreaking. The shape of your eye brow has a lot to do with your expression as it enhances your facial shape, the same way the shape of a moustache determines facial shape of a man. Shaping your eyebrow can be so easy with the use of a eyebrow stencil but we won't be going that way. The tools required for these exercise are:Tweezers,scissors,eyebrow pencil,(eye brow gel,brow powder). The ones in parenthesis are really not necessary but to achieve the exact result it is advisable we use them, now follow these steps and you will be shocked by the magic you can perform.

(1). Locate your starting point by placing a ruler vertically from the brow to the outermost edge of your nose then mark the point on your eyebrow that is the starting point repeat procedure for the other eye.
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(2). Locate where you want your arch to be by joining the straight edge so it can align with the edge of the iris and the nose, you should however look straight ahead at the mirror to avoid error. Wherever the line crosses/intersects with your eyebrow is the peak of your eyebrow, mark with the eyebrow pencil.

(3). Locate where your outer brow should end: Draw up the straight edge further so that it touches the outermost edge of the nose and eye, this will tell where the eyebrow will end mark with the eyebrow pencil and repeat procedure for the other eye, follow the natural curvature of the eyebrow to achieve excellent result.

(4). Now its time to pluck the hair that falls outside of the line, one hair at a time to avoid making a mistake. However at max thickness, the eye brow should be (0.5-1cm), if you are sensitive to plucking then you might as well use ice to numb the area before plucking.

(5). Consider your face shape before shaping, face shapes which are oval, square, round, rectangle etc all have different forms of eyebrow shapes, for instance when shaping eyebrows for a round face you direct the outermost part towards the ear to achieve best result for round faces other shapes have different patterns you just gotta identify your face shape and follow natural curvature.

(6). Now your eyebrow is now in shape the only thing you gotta do is to maintain it by trimming and filling the sparse spots with eyebrow pencil. Some tools were mentioned above and i know you are wondering what are we going to do with them.

(7). Now filling sparse spots can be done using an eyebrow powder, before you buy your eyebrow powder ensure it is a close match with the color of your eyebrow. Now apply from the centre and work it out with a soft wedge brush. Also eye brow pencil can be used to fill in sparse spots, this is however the most standard procedure in filling sparse spots as this gives a glossy appearance. Eyebrow gel can be used to set the eyebrow to make it appear fuller, thicker and more prettier.

Now i know you got yourself wondering how am i gonna do this all by my self, it seems hard but reading through and digesting everything will definitely make you famous for eyebrow shaping. However if there is any part that seems difficult use the comment box below. For observations visit our contact us page.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Smoky eye-step by step tutorial

      Getting a flawless smokey eye has been a long time dream for most women. Either you are going for a simple gala, birthday party, a cocktail party or who knows it might however be a big occasion like your wedding day yaaaaah. Getting a smokey eye gives your face a lot of attention and care needs to be taken in actually giving your eye a flawless Smokey eye, so here we will help you with the step by step tutorial as to how to achieve flawless smokey eye for your occasion. However caution needs to be taken as classic smoky eye is most effectively created with dark colors on wheel such as black or grey but bronze and brown are most commonly used.

(1). Choose three shades of the most preferred color but avoid colors that are too bright. The shades of the colour you'll select will be: A lighter shade, a medium base shade and a dark smoky color. These shades should be for a particular color.

(2). Apply your concealer onto your eye lids as this will give it a smooth texture and your eyeshadow primer before applying the smoky eye then apply foundation.

(3). Press your powder over your eye lids so as to minimize crease at the brow section.

(4). Pick up your eye pencil most preferably to achieve solid result a black eye pencil is recommended. Trace your top eye lash line both inner and the outer section. Also use the pencil to trace your lower lash line and smudge the line with cotton, qtip or your finger.

(5). Make sure before hand your eyebrows are well shaped and colored as the smoky eye will draw attention, and then your normal makeup pallets is ready

(6). Now start by sweeping the lighther shade which we can otherwise call the highlighter into yourr eye lids

(7). Also take up your medium base color and dab it into every part from the beginning to the end of your brow and start blending halfway from your lids and always remamber to blend your eyeshadow upward and outward into the crease of your lid

(8). Now using a soft blending brush, a domed, fluffy eye shadow brush is your best bet here. Sweep the darkest shade into the outer corner of your eyes to create an intense shadow for the smoky eye appeal

(9). Now its time to blend all these shades and create that perfect smokey eye. Use your brush to blend up harsh lines and Finally add your mascara

After a long break its finally good to be back, apology to whoever expected an update but didn't see and also my thanks finally goes to those who believed and checked everyday. However if you have any question, observations please feel free to use the comment box below thanks.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Makeup War: Marykay Powder vs Mac Studio Fix

Product Name: Mary Kay
Average Rating: 3.7
Price: $18 - $22
Product Description: Mary Kay powder, smooth texture, gives medium coverage on the face.

A transculent powder useful for touching ups throughout the day. Light-weight gives you a more matte skin, has a lot of yellow tones giving you a vibrant and natural highlight. It does not allow a logged pores so you may leave it on overnight.
It could not apply blotchy in pictures with so much lighting and you have to blend it well enough for full cover age. It feels light on the face might be on an advantage to some people but we definitely feel its a disadvantage. Over manipulation can turn it into white but as your skin secretes oil it blends in. Messy packaging and it isn't travel friendly.
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Mary Kay powder is an inexpensive and classic powder which gives you a vibrant look and doesn't cause clogged pores. Suitable for people with moderate budget.


Product Name: M.A.C Studio Fix Powder
Average Rating: 3.7
Price: $30 - $35
Product Description: M.A.C Studio Fix Powder, smooth suitable for dry skin, gives full coverage on the face.
Smooth texture, strong matte finish, nice packaging as well as a really good coverage, lasts for longer time 2-3 or more hours so to say. Heavy and little quantity covers so much. It sets your skin right away unlike Mary kay and is better for photos and more exaggerated make up. Has a nice packaging with a little mirror amd won't open unnecessarily.
Their products have a lot of red in it which appear in two different type orange or dark smudging your face. The olive undertones present in the lighter shades cause makeup to appear too light. So expensive for a powder, matte doesn't last long on T-zones.
M.A.C Studio Fix Powder is a smooth textured, nice packaged and covers a good coverage and even lasts longer 2-3 hours so to say but it is an overpriced powder. Suitable for people with high flair for a more exaggerated look.
                                Final Review
Looking closely at the two products, we strongly believe that both are nice and good products due to personal experience and reviews online. The M.A.C is however expensive but it most suitable as it last longer but the Mary Kay as well is a nice product that offers so much at a low price.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tips For Impressive And Gorgeous Eyes

These rich mascara that makes your eyelashes luxirant and your eyes obvious? Or a beautiful eye liner that gives your eye a heaven on earth look? Maybe its even a creamy liquid eye liner, well it will make your eyes exceptionally gorgeous, well arranged and crease free? You actually don't need much Makeup to make your eyes appear beautiful but you need an extra effort to make them look gorgeous. You don't need much rather than these five amazing yet easy to perform tips that will make your eyes beautiful and sexy.
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(1). Eyelashes:The most striking part of your eyes is your eyelashes no doubt. No matter your age right from a day old baby to a 60 year old woman everyone has eyelashes but what makes you different is when your eyelashes gets curly. Eyelashes curlers are easy to get and cheap as you will find them in most Cosmetic store sometimes in the open market to tell you how cheap they are. Don't judge the eyelashes curlers by their price as these little inexpensive beauty improver can make your eyes stand out whenever you step out.

(2). Eye Cream: So many advertisements are made daily on body creams, hair cream etc but some people don't even know eye creams do exist. Most of us might not have heard about it and that's why we have little knowledge as to what wonders it can perform on our eyes, they have the capability to lighten and tighten the skin around your eyes. Just get a tested and trusted eye cream and use it and you'll be surprised at the results yourself.

(3). Eye bags: Eye bags makes you look older than your original age when you are actually young, beautiful and Gorgeous. Several reasons are known for the cause of this conditions but we have effectively narrowed it down to these
- Inability To Sleep
- Hereditary
- Sickness or Illness
- Water Retention
      Inability to sleep is the major cause of this condition and the solution is to find time to sleep but if it's water retention then you should place cucumber over your eyes morning and night.
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(4). Color Selection: If your eyes are small, you may think there is nothing to do to enhance it then you are getting it all wrong. The only and the safest way to make your eyes look bigger is to use light colors. Darker shades of colors can make your eyes look smaller, but an inexpensive eyeliner can really change so much about your eyes.

(5). Eyebrows: The gorgeousness of your entire face relies mostly on your eye brows. However, mysteriously they are the ones we don't really attach so much importance to. The eyebrows can be taken care of in a number if ways but the two most popular method of beautifying your eyebrows are waxing and threading
   The next time you feel you need to spend money extravagantly to give your eyes this outrageous look, feel free to come and read this article and you may find what you need there who knows. We believe you have learnt something important today feel free to drop your comments, question, advice and even observation in the comment box below.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Decorating The Kitchen For Christmas

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about decorating the kitchen for Christmas, and that doesn’t mean that it has to be this big, ambitious, undertaking and so expensive that it will wreck our purses for a while. The kitchen is basically referred to as a place where meals are being prepared but in this manner, it doesn’t mean our kitchen should look so shabby, clumsy, and most times jam-packed all in the name of decorating the kitchen for Christmas, deeming this fit we however brought about this topic “Decorating The Kitchen For Christmas” so we will get tips, ideas and whatever would be useful in determining how our kitchen are going to look like right on time before the festive season usual rush sets in.


(1). Remove Unused And Old Stuffs: Most kitchen are ugly( as I would like to describe them) because of the way utensils are arranged. These utensils are so poorly arranged that you’ll mistake the kitchen for a store room, removing unused and old stuffs goes a long way in beautifying and giving your kitchen a new look. These unused stuffs are actually taking space, take a quick look around your kitchen and count the number of old and unused stuffs. They are much aren’t they you should probably get rid of those things you no longer use and are still taking much space. These unused stuffs takes space and reduces the quality of our kitchen no matter the size. However removing old stuffs does not mean throwing antiques in the trash can, rather its all about giving our kitchen a transformed look by getting rid of rusty utensils and replacing with shiny stainless or even earthen utensils

(2). Color: Add a few unique colors that are bright and cozy to make it seems warm. To make these colors so unique and make your kitchen adorable, choose a certain spots for your colors, use different shades of the same color well together and take your time to find the right colors that will prepare your kitchen for the festive seasons. A kitchen’s color helps it feel so relaxing, warm and comfy so decorate your kitchen by adding coats of paints on walls, cabinets, and spots you think would be okay. Think yellow, light shade of blue and even cream but an all white or grey kitchen is a no.

 (3). Lighting: Depending on the type of electrical system, lighting can take on several different forms. Each one can rejuvenate it with life. Table lamps will be advisable however, if you are feeling a little bit creative make a lamp out of Christmas lights in a transparent glass jar. Position of your light depends solely on your intuition, you can hang some and even place some on the cabinets. The glittery look will give your kitchen nothing but beauty.
(4). Linens: One solid way to give the whole kitchen anew look is to choose the same patterns for all your curtains, hand towels and table cloths and create some sort of a match of linen for your curtains and table clothes. The only flop to this is the commitment to just one pattern
  We believe you have learnt something new today. However for questions, comments and observations please revert to the comment box below

Makeup Application For Your Red Christmas Clothes

Whenever you wear a red dress, you are definitely going to turn a few heads. But with such a great outfit comes a great responsibility of choosing the right makeup to go along with the dress can as well pose as a challenge. Since red is such a glamorous color make your dress the main aspect of your look, this means that it is best to go light or understated makeup as many would prefer to call it and natural colors so you look definitely pretty and gorgeous instead of looking overdone.. We will be taking you through the three major pillars on which makeup lies on.
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                       PERFECT SKIN
   A red dress can emphasize a red face and other discoloration on your skin, so you should start your makeup with a good base. If your skin is mostly clear, a tinted moisturizer or sheer liquid foundation and some concealer may be all that you need to even out your skin tone. However, for skin type th has severe redness and other blemishes, start with a color-correcting foundation to give your complexion a flawless look. If there are any discolorations that show through the foundation, apply concealer in those areas for extra coverage.

                GO NEUTRAL ON THE EYES
    With your bold and gorgeous red dress making a big statement, you shouldn't wear bright, colorful eye shadow that will compete in attention with it. Instead you can simply go for neutral shades/colors like ivory, beige, tan, grey and brown that allow the dress to be the star of your look. This doesn't mean that your eye makeup has to be so boring. Go for glamorous, retro-inspired pinup eye shadow by using a ivory, beige or skin tone eye shadow from lashes to brow bone and matte mid-tone brown in the crease for definition. Add a more drama to your look by using a black liquid eyeliner to create a winged cat eye. Opt for sexy, smoky eyes with a shimmery bronze-brown on the lid and chocoate-brown liner smudged along the upper and lower lashes. With either look, add plenty of mascara to really frame your eyes

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                     KEEP LIPS SOFT
   With a red dress you can be tempted to wear a matching lipstick red so to say or any shade near red, but such look is difficult to pull off and can feel a little dated. Instead opt for a more natural lip. A nude lipstick shade that is similar to your natural lip color is an ideal option when you want to keep the focus and reduce your wanted level with the fashion police on your dress. If you need added definition along your lips, use a lip liner first and then top the lipstick with a sheer nude or pink gloss for soft natural look.
   We hope you have learnt something new today and there shouldn't be trouble again on your Christmas look, if there is any problem you are welcomed here your comment and observation will be treated with utmost attention and care.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Top Ten Lip Stick Brand In 2014

   Today we will be looking at the top ten lipstick brand that shook the 2014 cosmetics market. This list was arranged based on personal experience and reviews from other blogs and cosmetic store thereby giving us THE TOP TEN LIPSTICK BRAND 2014

(10).Yves Saint Laurent: The lipstick ingredients are preffered with fruit extracts that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins leaving the lips apparently smoother and softer providing hydration for up to 8 hrs awesome isn't it? And some of them have ingredients that offers protection against sun making it take up our no 10 spot of the top ten lipstick brand 2014.

(9). Bobbi Brown: The Bobbi Brown's cosmetics are manufactured with one aim in mind to make you look better and therefore provides a huge variety of lipsticks. The original formula of Bobbi's lipsticks is to give lips a big treat by giving rich, full color with a soft semi-matte finishing. Vitamin C and Vitamin E as well as beewax introduced in the lipsticks also moisturizes lips giving it our no 9 spot of the top ten lipstick brand 2014.

(8). Guerlain: The lipstick of guerlain are an enduring sign to style and modernization and it is almost impossible to consider existencebefore this lipstick brand. It is a wonderful brand that is color expert and has dignified lipstick to the sheer symbol of gentleness and seduction. Its lipsticks are completely affectionate and luxurious making it grab our no 8 spot of the top ten lipstick brand 2014.

(7). Makeup Forever: The lipsticks rouge artist intense are highly pigmented and long effecting lipsticks that provides rich colors in just one coat and is available in 3 finishes including matte, satin and pearl while its aqua rouge is a lip color that is liquid in nature and provides the long lasting and intense hold of lip color giving it our no 7 spot of the top ten lipstick brand 2014.

(6). Ester Lauder: This brand provides pure color, long lasting lipsticks that is effective for the whole day, their dazzling and vibrant colors that feels and looks so incredible leaving your lips more appealing. The lipsticks are infused with ingredients that are lip tendering and leaves your lips perfectly smooth and soft sweeping off our no 6 spot of the top ten lipstick brand 2014.

(5). Dior: This magical brand not only appeals supermodels, celebrities and the society but also has strengthened Dior's image as one of the world's most openly stylish beauty brand. Its addict lipsticks is a symbol of love between style and beauty. Its vibrant and luxurious colors volumizing and hydrating formula leaves lip shimmering. Giving it our no 5 spot of the top ten lipstick brand 2014.Must Read: How To Get Your Lipstick Shade Easily

(4). Chanel: It is a timeless feminine feature that is a true beauty accessory and is a trigger of seduction while the rouge coco hydrating colors by Chanel provide a variety of wearable shades with intense finishing from matte to pearl finally to soft shimmers. These light weight lipsticks allow easy application clearing away our no 4 spot of top ten lipstick brand 2014.
(3). NARS: The pure matte lipsticks by bars provides super rich color with an additional hydrating effects and lip treatment that will definitely displat vivid and gorgeous colors on your lips and at the same time soothes and moisturizes them while the others are: sheer, satin, cinematic and matte lipsticks that gives your lip a sweet experience making it grab our no 3 spot of the top ten lipstick brands 2014.
(2). Lancôme: It provides a huge variety of best lipsticks that includes L'Absolu Louge that is the sign of eternal feminity and is enriched with replenishing pro-xylane and is available in 31 rich attractive shades that are effective for eight hours and is a perfect lipstick that makes you look natural and sophisticated.
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(1). MAC: The lipstick of this brand provides color along with smooth texture for the lips that makes the women more stunning and appealing and makes the MAC more famous and sophisticated. MAC lipsticks are the most favorite of many with vibrant colors including crème, matte, satin and lip treatment giving you a charming look and gorgeous lips. Making it sweep away our countdown of top ten lipstick brand 2014 by being no 1.
   Now we come to the end of top ten lipstick brand 2014 we hope you have learnt something important comments and observations are welcomed below.

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